Your Value Proposition is Critical to Your Small Business Internet Marketing Plan

All of your advertising, both offline and online, needs to be centered around the value proposition that you use to identify the actual and inherent value that you provide to your customer or client in exchange for their money. This is really what you bring to the market.

In order to succeed with your online marketing efforts, though, having your value proposition very well defined will provide you with some great benefits. In the online world, you will stake out your space through the expeditious use of certain keywords and keyword phrases that point directly to the value that your company brings to the market.

Traditionally, sales people were taught to invent a “Unique Sales Proposition” or USP that distills their whole sales pitch into a single sentence that “says it all” about what they are selling. They are taught that their USP has to be the underlying mantra on which their sales program is built and that each person will necessarily invent their own USP to put the situation and the values in their own words.

Defining Your Value Proposition

Much the same is true for the “Value Proposition” for your business. You need to do some thinking and clearly define, in as few words as possible, what it is that a customer or client receives from transacting business with your company. You need to cut out all of the fluff, here and get down to specifics. For example, a family owned Italian restaurant famous for its dishes from Southern Italy might have the following as their Value Proposition: “Joe’s Italian serves the finest in Southern Italian cuisine at affordable prices in a family atmosphere” This statement clearly states the values that Joe intends to present to his customers.

Extracting Keywords From Your Value Proposition

From this Value Proposition, you can begin to lay out an effective advertising campaign based on keywords that pertain to it. Again using the same example, some important keywords for Joe’s Italian might be “southern Italian Cuisine Birmingham, AL” or “Affordable Italian Food Birmingham AL” or “Fine Italian food 35244″. Each of these keyword phrases captures the essence of Joe’s value proposition and then combines that with a geographic locator to appeal to the local search community.

Since those searching for a Birmingham dining spot on the Internet probably have an immediate need, Joe must then direct that traffic to his website where the searcher can learn of the location, directions, his menu and even the menu prices.

Now if Joe’s Italian also specialized in Pizza, he could further refine his Internet marketing plan by using an entirely different set of keywords that will provide recognition to those who are searching for “Pizza” rather than “Italian food”. While pizza is certainly an Italian food, somebody looking for a carryout pizza is usually searching for a different result than if they were searching for fine Italian cuisine. Therefore, Joe’s should also use a keyword like “carryout pizza 35244″ to make their business available to those searching for pizza.

So, the crux of the issue is to begin with the value proposition for your business and make that the central part of your Internet marketing plan. Then, from that, create a list of keywords and keyword phrases that potential customers would use to search for you. Be sure to include some geographical reference to make your business readily available to those in your local market.